Off the Charts

Twenty years of sitting and now I’ve opened my eyes. Of course it all makes sense, and that the simplest phrases we’ve heard along the path are not only true, but obviously so. The simplicity of the truth of it is both shocking and profoundly peaceful.  Get the simple stuff and it all falls into place.

So what are the ‘simple truths’ at the heart of practice?  The real basics, like “Be Here Now” or “Live in the Present”: haven’t we all heard those instructions a million times? The key to understanding Buddha Nature is just that. Open your mind to the present moment, and the big Mind opens itself to you.  Nature revealing itself through the splendor of Now; Being One with whatever arises. Boundless mind, wide open Heart.  Isn’t that pretty much what we’re looking for?

The Realization: it was coming all along.

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