Thinking is just one or two facets of diamond Mind

I came to Wes Nisker in a group interview. Things were going well, with lots of concentration building. I’d gotten glimpses of inner and outer collapsing and I knew at this point that resting in awareness was where freedom lay. Thoughts were the obstacle. Awareness the answer.

Awareness is mind. Thoughts are mind. How can mind be the answer and the problem? If mind is an obstacle, how to proceed?

Wes then unlocked it by saying,’thoughts are just one facet of Mind. Mind is [and he gestures far and wide with his hands to mean Everything, the whole kit’n kaboodle].

This took the confusion away, leaving me to practice with awareness of the present in all it’s forms. Arising of sensations, sights, sounds, words & images were all the same ‘stuff’ and could be allowed to arise and pass without struggle or judgement as to which category they fit into. Resting in awareness. Choiceless¬† awareness.

The thinking mind– the small ‘m’ mind–is a facet of Mind itself. Abiding in Awareness happens in the big ‘M’ Mind. It includes everything without distinction and is our True Nature.

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