accelerating research on meditation

This is a nice piece to read if you are interested in the current state of neurological research on meditation. It’s a well-written, two part piece and Shinzen Young is featured prominently, which is enough to make me smile.


Enlightenment: Is Science Ready to Take it Seriously?

Jeff Warren | November 2012 – Issue 3 of Psychology Tomorrow Magazine

How Understanding the Process of Enlightenment Could Change Science

Jeff Warren | January 2013 – Issue 4 of Psychology Tomorrow Magazine
Special thanks to @mindfulchimes and @MindDeep for bringing these articles to my attention.

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  1. David, I teach quite a few different fotmars that all could be broken down into 5 different categories. 1) Guided Imagery/Guided Visualization 2)Relaxing the Body 3) Vipassana 4) Song, Sound, Mantra and Chant 5) Active and Moving Meditations.1) Guided Imagery is a way to engage the mind to plant the seeds of desire.’ 2) Relaxation is a method that engages the mind to support the body to relax. A relaxed body is a healing/healthy body. 3) Vipassana is an ancient method based upon watching the breath, watching the mind. 4) Mantra is an ancient method which uses sound or song to align 5) Active and Moving meditations is a method that is often used for situations where movement can be cathartic, clearing, etc.

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