Buddha’s Breathing Meditation

This talk is highly instructive with regards to the canonical 16 step method of breath meditation, but it is good to be familiar with some of the terms and the general framework so you can follow along more easily. I found it very useful to first read at least a few chapters of the material from the last post, which is considerably more detailed, but on the exact same material.

I am delighted to have found this. I am so pleased to share it with you. I am profoundly grateful to Thanissaro Bhikkhu for expounding upon this method of practice. It brings to light a much deeper understanding of the Four Noble Truths.

Classic Breathing Meditation

2 thoughts on “Buddha’s Breathing Meditation

    • I’m so glad. I really enjoyed it myself -and it’s one you could listen to from time to time, which is why I marked it with a “resource” tag..

      Happy Birthday, old man. I love you. I’m glad you’re finding your path… and enjoying the ride!

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