Eckhart Tolle, letting it be as it is

Eckhart Tolle on Surrender Eckhart Tolle on Surrender

There is a whole lot about what he says in this video that rings true and goes deep. This may or may not point to vipassana directly as a method, but I believe it is strongly consistent with elements of classical enlightenment. It’s refreshing to see it all from just a slightly different angle. The description of the loss of compulsion in the thinking mind and it’s quieting down is distinctly reminiscent of the first and second jhanas. The sense of freedom from struggle is deeply in tune with the release of the Dharma’s four noble truths — only he does it in one step. The yes vs. no. The freedom to stop labeling. The non-clinging, non-identifying and recognition of impermanence are like gently whispered truths. I still think vipassana is an amazing tool for bringing one to the realization of freedom, and I appreciate the zen stories and teachings as being direct and enlightening, but I have to give a hat tip to something like this that gets so quickly down to business.

And if you liked that first one, here’s another, which touches directly on the emptiness v. creation post just prior to this.

Eckhart Tolle on creating while being connected to the source.

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