notes on creation and/or emptiness

Struggling to choose between creating a better world
vs. striving for the release and freedom of Nirvana?
When do you create?
You do it when not doing it would fail to recognize the face of reality. We have to strive to do what’s right, but we also have to be with what is. We need to explore what is possible.
With this precious human birth in the age of technology
we are so capable of creating: mentally and physically.
Also rich with technology, ability and information–
we have lush screens alive with our creations.
Printers producing reality before our eyes.
Sharing with others around the world at the speed of light.
To not create in our situation is to not honor the situation itself, it’s very being. The multiplicity is crying for you to be interactive with it.
“Come, Create.” — The Universe
Creatively, we want to live to the fullest.
However, living wisely seems to bring the best results.
Sila is part of the Dharma, so is meditation.
Right Livelyhood and ‘do no harm’ are key.
Always awareness
Always caring
Always love
Always side with the truth
Not clinging or coveting
Not fixating on a self
No harm, no blame
Without a footprint
Appreciative of the Dharma,
Buddha, and the Sangha.
Always aware of the way.
Striving with diligence for total release.
May I strive to spread peace and wisdom,
improving the world with this body, while I have it
for the benefit of all beings:
May I find my true happiness and bring it forth to share with others.
May I let wisdom guide me, may I see the potential all around me.
May I create the causes of my true happiness and may I bring happiness to others.

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