Watch the mind... don't mind the watch


Links that meditators, woodworkers, and others might enjoy.

Spirit Rock Meditation Center
A vipassana meditation center in Northern California. Wonderful teachers and a beautiful place to go on retreat.
Dharma Stream
Associated with Spirit Rock, this site lets you download MP3 Dharma Talks. Best iPod food this side of Tatamsava Heaven.
Shinzen Young
Retreat schedule, downloadable materials and more from a true Vipassana teacher. Worth exploring.
Buddhadharma Magazine
A great quarterly publication focusing on Dharma practice.
The Rainforest Alliance
Helping us keep sustainability in mind.

A web site devoted to buddhist meditation.

Zen By Design
Very stylish furniture inspired by meditation postures.
Knight Tool Works
Great handmade wooden planes for woodworking.
A great design blog, and the review they gave the PrannaTimer.