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April '04: The US Patent number for "A Timer Actuated By A Burning Incense Stick", #6,717,888 is issued.

Why put a patent on the timers?

I thought about this for a long time. I don't want the keep the idea from reaching it's full potential or limit the availability of the timers in any way. With a patent in place, the timers will not be mass produced in a cheap material and sold as another self help product in the marketplace.

The production of the timers is a craft. The patent will allow craftsmen to make the timers, and insures that those who buy and use them get an original PrannaTimer.


What is the limited permission agreement for those who wish to make a timer for themselves?

Anyone who wants to make a timer for personal use can contact PrannaTimer for plans, or even a pre-cut kit with parts, so long as they agree not to sell the timer or the plans.

This keeps availability open, while insuring that mass produced knock-offs don't start appearing – wiping out the smaller production model.