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Some common questions about the timer:

How does the timer work?
How long does the incense burn before the singing bowl rings?
How big is the timer ?
Why patent the timer?
How long do the loops last?
What is the charge for shipping the timer?
Why are the custom timers not available at this time?

QUESTION: How does the timer work?

ANSWER: Pull back the free swinging hammer and attach it to an incense stick. When the incense burns away, the stick swings into a singing bowl, which rings to signal the end of the sit.

This video shows the setup and use of the timer.
This is a 30 minute sit, edited to 30 seconds.

The Timer's function is just as simple as it appears. The hammer simply swings into the bowl. For another video, you can check out the NOTCOT review video on YouTube.

[Note: The audio quality is still a little fuzzy. We used a basic digital camera to shoot the video.]


QUESTION: How long does the incense burn before the singing bowl rings?

ANSWER: The incense sent with the timer is japanese pressed incense and will burn for over an hour, but most meditators will break the incense to sit for shorter periods. The incense has no bamboo stick in the center, so it snaps very easily. It also burns very evenly, so timing is predictable, but not rigidly exact.


QUESTION: How big is the timer ?


Timers are handmade, so the exact measurement of the timers will vary from piece to piece, but the standard PrannaTimer measures about 6" long by 4" wide. We match the timers to bowls of about 6" diameter, generally, but the height match is the most important factor, and varies from timer to timer. Small bowls are also currently available with the Nepali timers. The Nepali timers are the same shape and size as our custom timers.


QUESTION: Why patent the timer?

ANSWER: Putting a patent on the timer keeps the production in the hands of individual craftsmen. We offer kits and plans for those who wish to make a timer for themselves.


QUESTION: How long do the loops last?

ANSWER: The loops are made of a special material that absorbs very little heat, and resists burning. On average, loops we tested lasted over 50 uses, so you can expect to sit for weeks or months with each loop. As with most things, careful use prolongs the life of the loop. Loops are sold in packs of 8 in the accessories section.


QUESTION: What is the charge for shipping the timer?

Most domestic shipments of single timers and bowls are charged $15 for shipping. Smaller items that can be shipped via Priority Mail are charged less. Charges for orders with multiple items will vary, but are based on these guidelines.

For international orders, PrannaTimer established a flat rate shipping policy of $40 through the Paypal cart system. I realize that shipping is a considerable expense, but shipping costs have increased substantially in recent times and the additional handling of international orders makes it necessary to charge this amount.