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Rainforest Donations

PrannaTimers are made primarily of wood. Common domestic hardwoods, such as Maple and Cherry are more likely to come from sources which are sustainable, and thus have a lighter impact on the environment when compared to more exotic, imported hardwoods.

Our raw material comes from local bay area vendors who specialize in all kinds of hardwoods, mostly for flooring and furniture making. A typical kitchen floor could use 100-300 board-feet of wood, whereas a typical Rabbit Timer uses appox. 1 board-foot of material. Essentially, we are picking from the scrap-bins of the construction industry. Rather than limiting our choices of material, we have decided to use both domestic and imported hardwoods in our designs.

Recognizing that even our small demand for these woods still increases the overall demand for these limited resources, PrannaTimer makes a $15 donation to the Rainforest Alliance for each timer made from imported wood of any kind. We realize that this is a considerable amount to donate for a single board-foot of wood, but by adding this contribution to the price of the 'exotic' timers, we are allowing you to choose between the environmentally conservative domestic option and the truly stunning colors and textures available worldwide.

Why Rainforest Alliance? They are involved on an international level, and their efforts are geared towards sustaining the very communities and ecosystems that exotic hardwood exports are straining. This organization is also less involved in the destructive tactics that some other more radical groups use - they focus on positive impact.