Watch the mind... don't mind the watch



"I remain absolutely delighted with my Timer-- I use it daily, and it is hard to remember how I managed without it. In my mind, it's the perfect solution to one of the most fundamental problems of solo meditation."
Michael, Florø, Norway
"We received the timer a few days ago and have already initiated it. We must say that we're extremely impressed with it. It's just so beautiful and the sound from it is divine!

Thank you so much for making it. We just can't tell you how pleased we are."
Erik, Västa Götaland, Sweden

"Thank you so much for the wonderful timer. It will be quite handy during our shakyo practices--especially as we often get lost in the doing and forget to come to earth. The workmanship is truly beautiful--such care and dedication.

Everyone here just loves the pure simplicity and functionality of it--as well as the beauty of the wood."
Lynda Caine-Barrett, Houston, TX

"I really love both your environmental attention and the idea of making the design "open source." Fantastic spirit. Thanks again."
Joshua, Albuquerque, NM
"It is, as I anticipated, elegant in both form and function."
Clyde Grossman of "Do No Harm", Sacramento,CA
"The PrannaTimers arrived yesterday. I'm very pleased with every part of them: the bags, the wooden components and the bowls. Each bowl rang long and true. One of the timers is to be a gift...[the other] help deepen my own meditation practice."
Brian B. , California

"I love it - the creativity of the design, the beauty, and the simplicity of it. And, as you see from the order, the incense is fabulous!"
Julie Ann

"I am interested in a set of your patented plans for the PrannaTimer. My husband is a woodworker and would love a project like this- not to mention the freedom the actual device would provide our meditation. Brilliant idea!"
V.V., Alaska

**note:plans are available for free in the workshop**

"I am very happy I came across your timer in Buddhadharma this weekend. I really like that it is not electronic, no batteries, all mechanical. It is a beautiful piece of functional, kinetic sculpture."
Albert.V., California
NOTCOT reviews prannatimer March 2008.

"It is, in a word, exquisite."

"The timers arrived a couple days ago and I appreciate the craftsmanship and the straightforward elegant design. And the surprisingly careful details even in the packing...

Both timers are beautiful but the rosewood one is exceptional with the wood grain and coloration.

They're stating to see use now and the ability to break off a segment of the incense stick to control the time interval is great. It'll make it possible to work in a short practice before work on weekdays and not have to hear the harsh bleep-bleep-bleep of a Timex watch. :-)"
Les , Exton, PA

"Some months ago I received a paudak timer--and it has been a wonderful, elegant addition to my practice.

Long story short: I love it.

Perhaps one of the most charming features is that ... no meditation period is exactly the same length as another. There's always an element of uniqueness for any particular period."
Ken Rivard , Brookline, MA

"Hi Dave.....I just received my pranna timer....I LOVE IT....what an incredibly beautiful piece of art.....and it's functional art! I cannot tell you how lucky I feel to have found your website. I was looking for an interesting, not "run of the mill" meditation timer, a timer with more personal appeal. The Nepali is perfect."
Eva, Desert Hills, AZ

"I am enjoying the pranna timer very much. It seems helpful not to have electronic timers or computers (or even fans or AC) on when I meditate, since those things interfere with normal sound and energy waves that are naturally around us. I can't explain exactly, but it seems right to be fully organic and not rely on electronics when taking refuge in the peacefulness of meditation."
Robert Burkenes , U.S. Diplomat in Cairo, Egypt

"The timer is absolutely beautiful, and the sound of
the bowl is soul-touching... I know that I will treasure these forever."
Ken Brown, Dover, NH

"It is truly excellent.... a great piece of elegant art that serves a useful purpose."
Jeff Stine, Redwood City, CA

"I'm going to start out by saying the timers are gorgeous.  I've been looking for a timer for my husband for a while, and as soon as I came across your site, I knew I'd found it."
[one custom order and three weeks later...]
" I wanted to let you know I received the timer. It is beautiful beyond words. Thank you."
Raquel Rouse, Bardstown, KY

"They are beautiful and exactly what I was looking [for]. I appreciate the exclusion of batteries or electricity. Great job!"
Matt, Prescott, AZ

"Thank you for a very nice thing."
Marc Vendetti, Seattle, WA

"I love the timer and it works fine. I look forward to using it both for myself and for workshops."
Sally Kempton, Meditation Teacher, Author, Carmel, CA