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meditation timer bags

Custom Made Timer Bags
Cost: $20

Double thickness; heavy material. Great for giving timers as gifts and for travelling.

Great new colors available - Multicolor Orange and Multicolor White!

The Sand color bags in the top photo have sold out.


Japanese Incense


Shin Mainichikoh
Long Box

Cost: $12 for 1 box

A box of high quality Shin Mainichikoh japanese incense. These long sticks can be used for sessions up to 1.5 hours, any fraction thereof.

PrannaTimer's classic incense now comes in the red box above. The Nipon Kodo company has released new packaging and a new name for the Hakubai Lotus incense.
Replacement Loops Replacement Loops
Cost: $5

Pack of 8 Replacement Loops.

Replacement Loops Stone and Wire Loops
Cost: $15

These loops last much longer than the string replacement loops, but will work in any PrannaTimer. Developed by Michael Lanning as part of his guest artist series, these will add beauty and durability to the PrannaTimer design. One Stone and Wire Loop per order. Requests for specific stone colors cannot always be met, but are welcome.