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As of 3/09, PrannaTimer kits are only available as special order items. Please contact Dave for more information.

PrannaTimer kits are for those who would like to make a timer, but don't have all of the tools and expertise to make one from scratch.

The PrannaTimer kit includes:
• Instructions - Basic steps to complete the timer
• The Body - laminated together but rough
• The Stick - bearing hole pre-drilled
• The Ash Tray
• Small parts: axle, bearing, bearing peg, pins, brass insert and thread wrap
• Incense - 1 box of quality incense included
• 8 pre-made PrannaTimer Loops
• A handy jig to hold the timer in a bench vise
• Tibetan Singing Bowl can be purchased along with a kit for $75 (optional).

Tools recommended:
• A file/rasp
• A plane (optional)
• A Drill (3/8", 5/32", and 9/64" - all common sized bits)
• Sandpaper - from 80 - 320 grit
• A Spoon Bottom Plane is perfect (but a curved cabinet scraper or curved chisel can be used) to create the concave dish.
• A finishing oil or stain, etc for protection/good looks
• Safety Glasses and Rubber Gloves (for oil)

Time required:
A working timer can be made in an hour or two using the materials supplied, but how much time you spend sanding and finishing the wood is up to you. An estimate of 3-6 hours seems appropriate.

PrannaTimer Meditation Timer
Image is of a finished Maple PrannaTimer. The item for sale here is a kit. Please see the shop section for finished timers.

Maple PrannaTimer Kit
You'll love applying the final finish on this Maple Kit. When fine sanded and oiled, the finish is rich and the grain has birdseye swirls and shimmering visual texture. Made in California.

Timer kits are currently unavailable. Please contact Dave for more information.

PrannaTimer Meditation Timer
Rosewood kits are custom kits and may require extra time for the purchase of the wood. The item on this page is a kit, not a finished timer. Please visit the shop if you are interested in a finished Rosewood timer.

Rosewood PrannaTimer Kit
This beautiful wood is dense and heavy, but it is also expensive and requires extra handling. Handmade in our California workshop. Please note the additional rainforest donation and allow extra ordering time.

Timer kits are currently unavailable. Please contact Dave for more information.