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PrannaTimer plans are available, for those who want to make their very own incense meditation timer!

PrannaTimers are made by woodworkers, not factories. PrannaTimer plans are made available so that anyone can have and use an incense timer to support their practice. Small Parts are also now available to those who are building a timer.

Plans for the PrannaTimer

Email if you'd like a set of patented plans.

Your address will be needed for mailing.
Dana is welcome.

Small Parts may be purchased below. (they are optional, but extremely helpful).


Small parts include the axle, bearing, wooden peg, incense tube, pins and the thread for the whip wrap on the stick. Also, 1 pack of loops (8).

Small Parts for the PrannaTimer

The hardware for completing the plans.

(These parts already come included with the kit.)

Cost: $15