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Wrapping the stick

Embroidery thread is used to create a wrap on the stick which acts as a cushion to soften the sound of the stick hitting the bowl. All finished PrannaTimers come with a wrapped stick.

This page offers a set of instructions for those who are making a kit, or simply wish to change the color of the wrap on their PrannaTimer.

What you will need:

  • PrannaTimer Stick
  • Embroidery thread - Approx. 5 feet
  • A small loop made with 3 inches of the thread and a tiny piece of masking tape. Another tiny piece of tape.
  • A "needle", to make passing the thread through the large hole easier. Here, I use a wooden dowel with a hole drilled in it.

The Pull-though Loop

  • Attach the small loop inside the large hole in the PrannaTimer stick.
  • The top of the loop is positioned near the 12 O'clock position.
  • This thread will allow you to pull the tail end of the wrap under the wrap, creating a knotless loop appearance.

Setting up the Wrap

  • Near the very top of the stick (11 O'clock), tape the end of the 5' string.
  • The first pass of the wrap goes through the loop on the inside.

Fashion a 'needle'

  • Using a makeshift needle to pass the thread through the stick speeds the wrapping process.
  • Optional step, but worth the trouble.

Begin Wrapping

  • Wrap through the middle hole in the stick.
  • Remember that the first pass goes through the loop on the inside.
  • Going behind the tail on the first pass sets the upper position of the wrap.

Wrap about halfway and Stop

  • The first six or 8 times around, you may wish to alternate wrapping in normal order with wrapping one thread behind. This pattern uses more wrap on the inside and spreads the wrap out on the outside.
  • Pause the wrapping process halfway, to pull the tail under the wrap.

Pull the tail to the middle

  • Untape the main string from the very top of the timer.
  • Using the loop you set up in the first step, pull the tail under the wrap.
  • Retape it to the top, out of the way.

The wrap is half done.

Flip the loop

  • Retape the loop inside the stick, but this time pointing down.
  • The top of the loop is now near the "bottom" of the hole.

Continue Wrapping

  • Continue wrapping the thread through the hole until it is done, or you like the amount of wrap you've got.
  • On the final time around, pass the thread through the loop.

Pull the Head to meet the Tail

  • Using the loop, pull the thread under the wrap.
  • The head and the tail of the wrap are now in the middle of the wrap, together.

Tie a simple knot

  • Using a basic overhand knot, tie the head to the tail.
  • Pulling firmly, sink the knot into and under the threads.
  • The smallest, firmest knot is best.

Snip the ends

  • Cut the ends very close, or wherever you'd prefer.

Your stick is now wrapped

  • The wrap on the stick helps create an even, smooth sounding tone.
  • The wrap itself is smooth and even, and the knot is concealed.


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